ROBODADA RECORDS presents a new 90's/8-bit/rave cliché  album "SHE_IS_SYSTEM64".

NEW! 12" LP(2HD) is featuring:
Commander Keen
Zero DFX
Tracker Alien Breakbeat Pirates
Nervous Cowbwuoys
Michael SL1200
Enter Original
Mr Neutron
The Tallinn Music
Ascii Plastic
Via Whore

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Check out music video for Fabrique’s track „D:Rum”.


„Fa:bio & Groovrida didn’t like these songs very much.“
Goldy ‚1994


Hystori? Histery?

When delocalized perception spots on the extatik theory about
non-possible eras- the 90s: hi_nrg virtuality hardcore cyberia error
freeklevel, as simulacrums is more unbelievable than 80s. It's hi_nrg
virtuality hardcore cyberia freex error trip, noises releated to
madness, two dimensional hallucinations. Where the intellect meets
paranoias, the multitracker and breakbeat loops are ready on floppy
disk, social and objektive realitiz run like parallelograms in the same
labyrinth along with music. The patterns are full with the same angst,
socioporn and optimistik feelings without corporate esoterik paganism in
neon sport costume like poor 3d hyperdelik visions; the psyhik labyrinth
is hacked and squatted, revolution, reterritorialisations, destroying
the pop ideology. Peculiar technologikal spirits are shifting the level
of communication, until the immanent values of the teknologi make
visible the essential power of primitive and teknologikally optimistik
cyberpunky atti-tudes, skience can no longer explain all the functions
and output of 8bit soundcards. This musik wants you to leave the club
and get along with the patterns, radikalism of protojungle, loops
constituted by difference, shifted by the social and cognitive spaces.

dr. Phreak Inside Legotrip
dj and muzik hysterian



SHE_IS_SYSTEM64 artists in detail:

Commander Keen
is a secret scientist of nervous breaks and beats with controversial
message: Old skool rooles!
Mixing breakbeat with hardcore rave rythms and that famouse "UR4ME"
sample, Keen produced definitely one of 1990's best tunes, which
probably everyone remembers.

Whilst sounding like they were taking the piss at the rave scene they
managed to pull off some very credible classics.

Zero DFX
Unforgottable jungle tunes by Zero DFX are characterised by fast tempo
broken beat drums (generally between 160–180 beats per minute) with
heavy, often intricate basslines. One common, though by no means
universal, element is a constant snare drum falling on the off beat,
with a less regular kick pattern dancing around it.

Tracker Alien Breakbeat Pirates
I love making music that people want to move to: being a dance floor
rinser is something I'm proud of! I see Alien Breakbeat as one big
boiling pot of all kinds of music including Reggae, Ragga, Hip-Hop,
Soul, Funk, House, Techno, Hardcore, Metal, Classical, Rock, Electro.
You name it, pirates have been inspired by it over the years.

Nervous Cowbwuoys
are Fasttracker2 rockers, inspired by acid pop, vocoder things and
mindflashes they create old skool elektronik funk music for bwuoys and
grrls. Drawing inspiration from memories of 1980's music, videogames
and fashion.

Michael SL1200
Michael was born as a poor black guy, he always had visions of a better
world, which he expresses throough his C64, Amiga and tuntables.

Enter Original
switches between dark and happy modes, left and right side of brain, left
and right click of mouse, while computer is switched on.

He is known as one of the most responsible producers of the scene,
never leaving his studio, while his tracks are played in hundreds of
jungle clubs all over the world. He often explores numerous areas
previously left relatively alone by electronic producers.

Mr. Neutron
 is widely known for his talents as both a DJ and producer, and
considered among the most popular and influential junglists[citation
needed], combining the synthesized melodic elements of hardstyle with
drum and bass rhythms, and a wide variety of samples.

The Tallinn Music
is both a soundsystem and established music style with heavy rolling
beats, dark atmospheres and jazzy melodies.

Ascii Plastic
was and still is a forerunner of the breakcore massive with his
crossovers of breakbeat rhythms and glitchy melodys.

Via Whore
is side project of legendary nintendo sex metal act called Plastic Whore.
Nuffin is impossible in the plastic world and the beat goes faster and


Made in DOS!


"Fabrique - D:Rum" video High Quality (235 MB divx AVI, left click to play, right click +save target As... to download)

website & album presentation (Tallinn Art Academy) (256 MB divx AVI, left click to play, right click +save target As... to download)