the hippie trail goes on to > moderna museet in malmö as a satellite show for “russian avant-garde. visions of future.”
  "soviet hippies" moved from moderna museet to uppsala art museum.    



2014 i founded ;paranoia publishing group ltd. to promote experimental literature. we released "the anthology of non-existent" books that was also part of 16th tallinn print triennale and i got the artist prize for that!    


i am confirmed artist in water tank project along with arvo pärt, jeff koons, john baldessari and others



on 17th of september FEMINismTC intervention atcharim gallery events in vienna opened. i was so excited to be exhibited together with valie export and carolee schneemann    
    performing at the opening of the sound art exhibition "out of sync" at kumu art museum on the 26th of september. for the exhibition catalogue i also wrote a long article on sound culture in soviet estonia



the exhibition “soviet hippies. psychedelic underground of 1970s soviet estonia" (curated by me & terje toomistu) at estonian national museum finished. it was a hit with its 12 000 visits. the teaser for the exhibition will also be part of estomania festival in helsinki, finland at gallery huuto, opening on 25th of october. and also we are still on the progress of writing a book and making the documentary about soviet hippies. more info about the project here.


my brandnew artist book/catalogue "enter the untitled" featuring essay by hanno soans & anders härm is available at lugemik book shop.




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